What's your favourite type of beer?

your favourite type of beer

Do try them all, but first of all, here’s some information about the different types of beer.


The most popular beer in the world

Golden colour, brilliant and crystal-clear

Well-formed head

Grainy and roasted aromas

Good balance between the natural malty sweetness and the moderate hoppy bitterness


Full-bodied beer

Dark beer, amber-coloured, thick beer head with a darker colour and a creamy texture

Notes of caramel indicating natural sweetness, but with a lingering dry mouthfeel

Amber Lager

Medium-bodied beer

Amber-coloured, crystalline, thick beer head

Sweet malty notes that contrast with herbal and citric hoppy notes

Pronounced bitterness, counteracted by the aromatic hoppy component


Medium-bodied beer

Dark-coloured, dark brown, thick sandy-coloured beer head

Roasted malt coffee-like aromas

Roasted, coffee and black chocolate notes, moderate bitterness


Full-bodied, intense beer

Dark-coloured, copper to dark brown, thick head

Roasted malt, nuts and caramel aromas

Roasted malty notes, lingering dry mouthfeel

Lager 0,0%

Medium-bodied and very refreshing beer

Straw-yellow colour, white and stable head

Grainy and fruity, banana-like aromas

Malty and fruity notes, sweetness prevails over bitterness

India Pale Ale

Dark-golden to orange colour

Pronounced hops, translated into fruity, tropical, citric, herbal, floral or spicy notes

Pronounced and persistent bitterness, contrasting with hoppy aromatic notes

Dry Stout

Full-bodied beer, velvety texture

Dark-coloured, dark brown, thick and creamy sandy-coloured head

Roasted grainy notes, malted beer, pronounced sourness, moderate bitterness


Some little-known facts

1 – The first records of brewing date from 8000 BC, in Sumer.

2 – Beer was the drink of choice in the Middle Ages. Not only was alcohol a way of fighting bacteria, but it also had a high nutritional value.

3 – Not only were they not slaves, but the workers who built the Egyptian pyramids were even paid in beer.

4 – Belgium has the largest number of beer brands.

5 – Are you afraid of empty glasses? Cenosilicaphobia is the fear of having an empty glass when drinking.

6 – Germany is the world’s main hop producer.

7 – 90 % of beer is water.

Find out how to serve the perfect beer

1 – Each beer has an ideal temperature. Make sure that the one you're about to taste is just perfect.

2 – Each beer has an ideal type of glass, which should always be clean, dry and never warm.

3 – Open the tap and serve your beer into a glass that is at a 45-degree angle.

4 – Straighten the glass when the beer reaches the ¾ mark.

5 – Enjoy the perfect beer.