Our commitment

Responsible Drinking


At Cerveja Sagres®, we are aware that alcohol abuse is a complex social problem and we are committed to emphasising the importance of drinking in moderation. We know that there are no simple solutions, and every case is different, but we do believe that a transversal approach is important in promoting responsible drinking.

Did you know that we have paired up with authorities, NGOs and experts to create solutions to alcohol abuse and its inherent risks? Let us guide you through our programme, based on three strategic pillars and commitment to "a journey to moderate consumption and the end of alcohol abuse”:

  • There is always a choice – we guarantee low alcohol and alcohol-free options. We are committed to innovation and to ensuring that you can always choose when and what type of Sagres beer you will drink. And until 2023, we will guarantee that you can always find at least two alcohol-free options.
  • Fighting alcohol abuse – we are playing an active role in fighting alcohol abuse by forging local partnerships so that we can fight alcohol abuse together, discussing subjects such as underage drinking and driving under the influence of alcohol.

  • Promoting moderation – we use our media to get this message across and our goal is to get it across to the largest number of people possible. Are you on board?

We want to lead the drive for responsible drinking, involving individuals, the community and the beer industry as a whole. This is the commitment of Sagres as a partner of "Cervejeiros de Portugal" (Portuguese Brewers).

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Since 2010, all our beers containing alcohol bear the responsible drinking stamp: "Enjoy in Moderation".

Have you noticed it? We have been and always will be in favour of responsible drinking, and this crystal-clear and visible message clearly reflects our values.

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As the name suggests, "Zona Zero" is the technical term we use for alcohol-free beer, including our recipes for Radler and Sagres 0.0%. Our goal is constant innovation and guaranteeing that these non-alcoholic beers have less calories and the best possible flavour. Basically, this is the perfect beer for every occasion, leaving you with zero worries.

We believe that you always have the right to be able to enjoy a beer that is tasty and pleasant, and so, thinking of you, we have developed options for those times when you can't or don't want to drink anything containing alcohol.

Our alcohol-free products can be part of a healthy lifestyle and offer an option to those who can't or don't want to drink anything containing alcohol, but also want to be involved in those occasions where beer is being consumed.

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